MEME coin based project that is designed to empower Fantom ecosystem by boosting NFT, Gamefi, and Defi sectors.

Total supply

fSONIC has a total supply of only 2405 ! making it a very unique memecoin on fantom !


fSONIC has total of 2261 unique holders and the number keeps increasing every day


fSONIC contract has been renounced making it decentralized and control free


fSONIC has a massive utility accross fantom ecosystem from Defi , NFT .. Sofi


fSONIC 3 years milestone of Web3 features development

Q4 2023
Growing liquidity

Ensuring sufficient liquidity is crucial for the sustainability of any project. $fSONIC is dedicated to enhancing liquidity in order to foster long-term viability.

Q4 2023

Launching an AIO claim & stake NFT dapp where users claim an NFT from top artists to earn passive income & airdrops.

Q2 2025

Launching an AIO Defi dapp where users get to stake and farm $fSONIC token to earn passive income , plus an Elite section for top $fSONIC holders!

Q4 2025

Launching an AIO Sofi dapp to empower $fSONIC and fantom ecosystem , a similar platform to with much more utility and perks !

Token Utilities

The fSONIC token offers a range of utilities that can be utilized within the Fantom ecosystem. By owning fSONIC tokens, users gain access to exclusive privileges and benefits.

LP farming

Add $fsonic/wftm LP on equalizer , stake & earn passive income in $equal token.

Lend & Borrow

Use $fsonic token or its LP as collateral on Debita finance to lend / borrow stables and other assets.

Perpetual trading

Use $fSONIC token as collateral to long / short other assets on Lynx protocol or stake your tokens to earn rewards.

NFT market place

Use $fSONIC to claim NFTs or to incentivize a given NFT collection staking pool.

Gamefi & SOFI

Use $fSONIC as in game currency and in SOFI as a form of payment for ADs and more utility to be announced.


Where to find us

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fSONIC is leading the raceone mission: to the moon and beyond!